Object Board, Heat Sink & Fan



Object Board For Mounting TEC

The MOTEVM_OBJ is designed to work together with the MOT705 EVM / OEM board.

When combined with a suitable TEC it provides a convenient method for evaluating the TEC driver modules.

The board features a dummy load to simulate the power dissipation of a laser diode and a mounting area for a TEC temperature regulator. The TEC is driven by the OEM / EVM, and the dummy load power dissipation is controlled by a pot on the MOT705 board.

The MOTEVM_OBJ board has a thermistor designed to be close to the TEC surface for accurate sensing of the TEC surface.

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Heatsink & Fan


MOTEVM-HSFN Heatsink & Fan Assembly

The MOTEVM-HSFN Heatsink and Fan can easily be added to provide supplemental cooling for your Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) when mounted on the MOTEVM-OBJ object board. The heatsink and fan assembly are shown to the left.

The heatsink is 40mm x 40mm, with the fan screwed to the extruded cooling fins. The fan operates from 12V dc, consumes ~80mA, provides ~7cfm airflow and has a noise rating of 27dBA.

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The picture on the right shows the heatsink and fan assembly together with white TEC attached to the MOTEVM-OBJ object board using thermal epoxy. The "cold" side of the TEC mounts to the MOTEVM-OBJ object board. The "hot" side of the TEC attaches to the flat surface of the heatsink.


Butterfly_HS.jpgLaser Butterfly Package Heat Sink