ModularOne Technology LLC. is an American company headquartered just outside Dallas, Texas. We design, manufacture, and market precision mixed-signal modules for a variety of applications. In addition to our standard modules we can also design custom modules for any specific application.


ModularOne’s philosophy is to bridge the gap between commercially available integrated and discrete components and system-level solutions. Our expertise is to design specific solutions that can be easily integrated into your design, while minimizing your design effort. The result is a family of cost effective solutions that enable you to reduce your time to market.

Customer Schematic & Board Reviews

ModularOne will happily review Customer schematics and board layouts etc. to ensure maximum performance is achieved from our modules in your system. We will help debug any problems encountered using our modules. ModularOne will sign NDA's (Non Disclosuure Agreements) with its customers to protect their Intellectual Property (IP).


ModularOne was founded and is staffed by experienced industry professionals with broad experience from companies such as AT&T, Dallas Semiconductor, Maxim and Texas Instruments.