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ModularOne offers our clients laser driver modules and thermoelectric controller, or TEC controller modules that provide very accurate temperature control. A module, such as a thermoelectric controller, is comprised of everything that is required to perform a specific function. In very little time, you can be operating with your own application.


Our TEC controller modules and laser driver modules may be customized. We ask all prospective customers to contact us about their applications before placing order; this way, we can provide any necessary assistance, and confirm suitability of a particular module for an application.


If you decide to invest in miniature modules, you should also consider purchasing evaluation boards (EVM’s). These will allow you to experiment with various features to see if they are appropriate for your application. OEM boards (PCB+Module) allow instant use of a given module in a product.


Optional “USB to I2C” modules, with GUI interface software, will be available for purchase in the near future. These will work with our evaluation boards, and are also available to be used with customer products requiring USB to I2C conversions....YouTube Video.

Laser9-2.jpg 20160112_153640_Night_resized.jpg EVM600-GC-Modules-GIMP-2-2.JPG
EVM6700white_large-2-2.jpg MOT700-2b.JPG BF_Socket2-2.jpg